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Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted to one or more neutral arbitrators who make a decision. Parties may elect arbitration to resolve a dispute that has arisen or they may have signed a contract that requires arbitration instead of going to court.

Arbitrations are private and confidential and the parties generally select the arbitrator(s) by agreement or through a neutral process. Arbitration agreements often spell out where the arbitration will take place and the procedural and evidentiary rules that will be followed. In a final and binding arbitration, the ability to appeal is very limited, which brings finality to a case sooner than court litigation.

Arbitrators at MPM are seasoned and reputable attorneys in their fields. We provide a process where all parties will feel heard and respected, and are given a full opportunity to present their case while following the terms of the arbitration agreement and applicable laws and rules. We pride ourselves in striking the right balance between allowing parties a reasonable amount of time to prepare and present their case and moving the case along efficiently. For every controversy brought before us, we have a strong commitment to key features of arbitration: speed, economy, and a just resolution.