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Murray Plumb & Murray Attorney Receives 2018 Rare Awareness Award

Murray Plumb & Murray Attorney Receives 2018 Rare Awareness Award

Bo Bigelow receives the award for his role as a founder of DISORDER: The Rare Disease Film Festival

Murray Plumb & Murray attorney Bo Bigelow was presented with the 2018 Rare Awareness Award last week in Boston on Rare Disease Day, February 28. Bigelow received the award along with Daniel DeFabio as founders of DISORDER: The Rare Disease Film Festival.

The award was presented by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, Massachusetts General Hospital Frontotemporal Disorders Unit, and NORD (The National Organization for Rare Disorders), and was sponsored by Shire.

Bigelow is the chairman of the Foundation for USP7-Related Diseases. His daughter, Tess, has an ultra-rare genetic disorder, and Bigelow has blazed new trails in advocating for people with undiagnosed diseases, reaching wide audiences through his podcast and blog Stronger Every Day and a short film called “Tess Is Not Alone: A USP7 Story.”

Bigelow is of counsel to Murray, Plumb and Murray. His practice focuses on disability rights and employment litigation, concentrating heavily on special education law. Prior to joining MPM, Bo was a consumer-protection litigator in New York City for seven years. Bo earned his BS in French from Georgetown University and his JD from New York University School of Law.

“Families like mine who are dealing with disabilities are becoming more powerful all the time. We’re educating ourselves, reaching out, telling our stories, and realizing how strong our voices can be. Daniel and I created our festival in order to celebrate these voices and spread their stories. And doing that work helps me slow down and be a better listener and advocate when those families need legal help to meet their needs,” Bigelow said.

The inaugural year of DISORDER: The Rare Disease Film Festival took place in Boston last October, screened 30 films, featured 15 speakers, and brought together over 20 sponsors and promotional partners. More information can be found online at rarediseasefilmfestival.com.