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Consumer Law

The Murray Plumb & Murray consumer law group is dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers throughout Maine. Eventually, every household experiences some type of disagreement when dealing with a business. These can stem from a variety of deceptive practices, such as hidden charges and dishonest advertising about goods or services.


This might include:

  • Unfair attempts to collect a debt
  • Fraudulent advertising
  • Inaccurate reporting of information to a credit bureau
  • Incomplete disclosure of loan terms
  • Damages relating to unfair practices in transactions for goods or services


If you engaged in a single transaction with an individual, and that individual is not in the business of selling that item or providing that service, you will likely not be covered by consumer protection laws, even if the item or service you paid for turns out to be different from what you expected.

Here are some examples of transactions that would *not* be covered by consumer protection laws:

  • You purchase a snowblower from your neighbor, who is not in the business of selling snowblowers, and then discover that the snowblower does not work properly.
  • You hire your friend’s daughter, a high school student, to paint your garage, and she does not do a good job.
  • You buy a used car on Uncle Henry’s, and you are surprised to learn that it needs $1000 of work for it to pass inspection.


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