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Stacey Neumann – New Partner In the Firm

Stacey Neumann – New Partner In the Firm

Murray Plumb & Murray welcomes Stacey Neumann as partner

Murray Plumb & Murray is delighted to welcome Stacey Neumann to partnership in the firm. Stacey joined the firm in 2013, bringing with her an impressive background of experience. Throughout her tenure, Stacey has been a highly enterprising and effective legal practitioner and a generously contributing member of the firm family. We expect a great deal of her in the future.

Stacey’s fields of expertise include criminal defense, employment, civil rights, and collegiate discipline/Title IX litigation. She earned her law degree at Cornell University Law School. Prior to coming to us, she served two judicial clerkships, as a public defender in Vermont and as a federal prosecutor in Maine. She has wasted no time becoming one of Maine’s leading criminal defense practitioners in both state and federal court.

The lifeblood of this firm, since its founding more than 40 years ago, has been young, energetic, and talented lawyers who are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in the effective representation of their clients. Stacey fits this profile very well. She is not afraid to take on controversial or difficult matters, and she gets good results.

Stacey is a bright light in the Portland bar and has earned a place in the Murray Plumb & Murray firm family. Her positive, optimistic nature and her willingness at all times to pitch in and help have generated great appreciation from colleagues and staff. As our firm captain, Stacey achieved, for the first time, 100% participation by MPM lawyers in the Campaign for Justice, which funds legal services for the poor, elderly, and immigrant community.

With younger lawyers such as Stacey joining the firm leadership, Murray Plumb and Murray can feel great confidence in its future as a law firm, as well as in the quality of its ongoing counseling and representation of its valued clients.