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Steps to reopening your business

Steps to reopening your business

By Katie Krakowka

You’ve probably been paying close attention and are already aware of the Governor’s economic “reopening” plan that details when businesses across industries will be able to reopen in Maine.

The plan outlines four stages that provide a system for reopening Maine’s economy through August. In addition to laying out this timeline, the Governor has directed various agencies to issue “checklists” listing reopening requirements specific to each industry sector included in the plan. Information about these checklists, and access to those already issued, can be found here.

Checklists are already available for industries that fall under the Stage 1 and Rural Reopening time frames, as well as for some industries that fall into the Stage 2 category. These checklists will continue to be released in advance of each staged opening, to give businesses time to prepare.

In order to lawfully reopen, businesses must comply with the guidance contained in the checklist relevant to their industry, and file an online certification with the state. The portal for the certification form is here. Upon completion of the certification form, the state will provide an official stamp which businesses can display online or print and display in their physical locations to advertise to customers they are following state safety requirements.

We know there is plenty of information to consider as you prepare to reopen your business. If you need help navigating the proper steps to take, our attorneys can help.