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Ali Tozier speaking at NBI’s “Business Law: A to Z” seminar

Ali Tozier speaking at NBI’s “Business Law: A to Z” seminar

Ali Tozier will speak at an upcoming NBI seminar, “Business Law: A to Z,” on December 10. Ali joins a panel discussion and will focus on some of the top issues pertaining to employment law, while the overall discussion will ensure attendees are up to date with the latest developments in business law.

More information about the seminar, including how to register, can be found on NBI’s website, and the overview can be viewed below:


Get Up to Speed on the Most Current Business Law Topics Today

In order to successfully advise your business clients, it’s essential that you remain up to date on best practices and the latest developments. Focusing on the most common topics you deal with on a regular basis, this program will show you how to negotiate indemnification, advantageously select the right entity, handle the latest employment law issues, tackle tax matters and much more. Gain insight from experienced practitioners that handle these areas of business law on a daily basis. Don’t miss this opportunity to hone your skills. Register today!

  • From taxation to labor and employment, review a wide range of business law matters.
  • Gain invaluable insight on the latest state and federal rules, regulations and recent developments in business law.
  • Learn how to effectively negotiate indemnification provisions to avoid risk and liability.
  • Learn the key elements of properly selecting and forming LLCs, S-Corps and C-Corps.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of common business tax issues that affect your clients.
  • Review the top issues in employment law, including discrimination, harassment and #MeToo.
  • Learn the latest procedures and best practices regarding how to sell your client’s business.
  • Ensure you or your clients are not crossing ethical lines in business law, including conflicts of interest and attorney fees.

Who Should Attend
This intermediate level course is developed for the following practitioners:

  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Business Executives
  • Paralegals

Course Content

  1. Reviewing New Laws, Trends, Hot Topics and Case Law
  2. Negotiating and Drafting Business Contracts (With Real-World Examples)
  3. Handling Common Business Tax Issues
  4. Selecting and Forming LLCs and Other Entities
  5. Reviewing Top Issues in Employment Law
  6. Buying and Selling a Business
  7. Maintaining Ethics in Business Law