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Meet Our Staff

Murray Plumb & Murray is fortunate to have highly knowledgeable staff, many of whom have been with the firm for decades

Vicki E. Blanchette
Paralegal to Heather Whiting and Nicholas J. Bernate
(207) 699-1393
Maggie Fowler
Real Estate Paralegal
(207) 523-8225
Sharon C. Giggey
Corporate Paralegal/Legal Assistant to John C. Lightbody and Peter L. Murray
(207) 523-8230
Valerie J. Herrick
Legal Assistant to Christopher C. Branson, Sage M. Friedman and Fulton S. Rice
(207) 699-0319
Kathy L. Kamin
(207) 523-8236
Joan M. Kelly
Independent Advocacy Consultant
(207) 523-8231
Abby Laplante
Legal Assistant to Maria Fox and Lauren Weliver
(207) 699-5737
Stacy Laughton
Paralegal to Elizabeth A. Boepple and Ellen Masalsky
(207) 523-8221
Kelley P. Massey
Legal Assistant to John C. Bannon, Stacey D. Neumann and Sean R. Turley
(207) 523-8244
Meredith F. McArdle
Litigation Paralegal/Human Resources and Legal Assistant to Michael D. Traister
(207) 523-8232
Pamela Nye
Clerk and Intake Coordinator
(207) 523-8238
Bonnie J. Page
IT/Probate Paralegal
(207) 523-8235
Gail A. Sanborn
Real Estate Paralegal
(207) 523-8240
Donna M. Sutton
Legal Assistant to Richard L. O'Meara and Bo Bigelow
(207) 523-8241
Kathy G. Willette
Legal Assistant to Peter S. Plumb, Drew A. Anderson, Elizabeth P. Hunt and Kelly W. McDonald
(207) 523-8243