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Commercial Real Estate Q + A

Clients and real estate professionals who are making the jump into commercial real estate are often curious about the legal differences from residential transactions. Those who lease or own commercial real estate might want clarification on the different types of leases used for commercial properties. Specifically, there are important distinctions between a gross lease, a triple net lease, and a modified gross lease that owners and tenants should be familiar with. In this series of videos, our Real Estate attorneys answer some common questions from clients and discuss when and why it is best to consult a lawyer:

Why should commercial tenants know the difference between lease types?

Why should real estate developers or landlords know the difference between commercial lease types?

Commercial leases: What is a modified gross lease?

Commercial leases: What is a triple net lease?

Commercial leases: What is a gross lease?

I’m venturing into commercial real estate development. When and why do I need a lawyer?

In the rapidly changing real estate market, we help developers, investors, and those owning or operating real estate properties by delivering high-quality legal work that addresses the business objectives of our clients.

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