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Real Estate Succession Planning Q + A

Many individuals, families and business owners have questions about ensuring that their property and assets are left in the manner – and to the people – you desire. Clients come to us with questions ranging from wills to protect minor children to family disputes over managing a family summer home.

In this series of videos, our Estate and Trust Administration attorneys answers some common questions from clients:

What legal strategies can be used to preserve and protect family property?

What is a common scenario for a family who failed to plan for the summer home in advance?

When should families begin planning for the future of their summer home?

We offer a full range of estate planning, trust, and probate services.

For years, we’ve helped clients maximize the after tax inheritances passed to their children and grandchildren through a variety of estate planning techniques.

Contact attorney Peter Plumb to learn more about real estate succession planning to protect your family’s property, or to discuss other estate planning services.

Before you contact us, please review our Legal Disclaimer.